It’s all up to you.

This was supposed to be freeing. Taking the chance out of it. Putting the control in my hands. So why do I feel so unsettled, like there is a much heavier weight on me now. Maybe I should explain a little bit. I’m taking this class about dating….yes I know….I thought it made me sound desperate too. […]

White as Snow

What a month it has been. It’s left me sitting here on my bedroom floor with colorful christmas lights from a sweet friend strung around, creating the most beautiful light, somehow illuminating your love washing over me. My eyes falling and my heart open. In my walk with him there has been many, many ups […]

A Cardboard Box

So tonight I pulled out a box of letters that I had saved from the past six months or so. And being the emotional girl that I am, the tears flowed quickly from my eyes. This past year has been filled with many ups and downs from  a broken heart to a summer of serving. […]