In the darkness

Perhaps when you look at, it is simply an expression of love
but to me it was a sharp pain, the exemplification of lie into a greater truth
it doesn't look to have a wounding move, but to me it does

The exterior a simple smile. Show your teeth and tuck away your heart
Not one would know the shredded inside
Deception truly can be a work of art

Perception is hard when you confuse black with white,
Because I am so sure it is true.
A lie that chases you so far you are either exhausted, or give up the fight. 

A spinning maze in the darkness that seems it will never end
binding and chains on my heart and my lungs
A tortured soul that will never not be undone

But with him comes hope, freedom and true love
Or at least that is what is peddled to me
But the truth is the truth and he speaks it from above
Daughter do not pretend, open yourself and just let them be. 

Run from his lies, his daggers and guns
turn instead and rest not in yourself, but in my son.

-Emily Thomas

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