Entangled too far.


 Knowing intimately, the wicked and the winsome delight.
A feeling that, at first, sets the heart in flight
Entangled, Entwine
Setting up, here on earth a shrine

Seeing deeply into another’s body and soul
what it is exactly that breaks them, or makes them whole
The curves, the scars running with blood
How they respond when entrenched deep in the mud

 I have in this act the power to please
To take more than is given, the power to cease
To pleasure your body, to intermingle our minds
To torture your demons or set them loose behind.

 When I encounter you, it is to this that I go.
There is no stopping or pausing to do something slow.
We have hastily thrust us into the covenant gift
Letting ourselves be one, without the law the covenant lifts.
Your aroma on my body, your memory in my mind
This is what happens when we are so intertwined.
When the burden of sin has become to much to bear,
and I’m worried my body has begun to tear.
Then I speak up, and the gentle spirt listens,
there there my darling, your eyes have begun to glisten

Franticly I seek out the addiction that has become like a drug,
desperately trying to justify my love.

Watching, patiently he waits
forgive me my father, I continue the chase. 
Until the words and feelings avalanche without reason
and I am sure that my body has been victim to treason

 You are hurt beyond measure and shown wildly your flaws
There is good reason I give you my laws.

 I am entangled still with the thorns of my flesh
And with great pain I continue my breath
As you wish to die, I wish you to live
Stand up and look at me and what I wish to give
Look lovingly on the husband and bride
See how intimate is is for them to abide
In each other, in me first, and then in covenant love

 These are the words that began with an ending of a hug.

-Emily Thomas

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