“Time, they say, can heal you
Though, that’s harder to believe
When you meet the broken hearted
And see what it meant to leave.”



My life has met tragedy along side of joy. And my broken heart is fully capable of making me shed tears daily. When I heard those words in a familiar song, the slow and steady tempo sunk deep into me. Over and over I have been told that time will heal, and that I will let it go, and eventually I can put it on the floor and leave it there. My broken heart is a result of what it meant for me to leave. to give up all that I had and my desires fulfilled, for what I saw to be a shaky and unstable result in a God I was terrified of. The rings on all of my fingers represent the dazzling and beautiful poison of the promised fulfillment in this world. The things I so desperately try to satisfy myself with, if only for a moment. In shorter terms, the delightful things to look at, that lack any real satisfaction beyond that fleeting delight. The one finger left bare, the one on which the wedding ring goes, represents a constant….unceasing, disenchantment with what I have been offered by this world.

In his grace and mercy I will yet again turn to him.

Song by Joshua Hyslop helped to inspire this photograph.

Photo © Emily Thomas


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