Away from our life source.

Fall has never been my favorite season, and every time fall comes around each year I am just as surprised. Every time that I walk outside lately I about fall over. It’s beautiful. I mean it’s really beautiful. Yellows, and reds, and greens, and browns, Colorado must be the prettiest it has ever been. I’m sure I have this same thought every fall when I remember how astonishingly gorgeous it is, but every time I walk outside I can’t help but think “It has never been like this, I have never seen so much beauty before”.

A few days ago I was walking to lunch with some friends, we had just heard the word of God glorified as he spoke of the glowing trees just outside the doors, and the sun was shining that day. I walked past a tree that must have had the biggest, and most beautiful yellow leaves that I have ever seen. That God painted death like this, some God we serve!

I couldn’t help but pluck a few off the tree, I wanted this beauty to have. And for a while, apart from the tree the beauty lasted! But not two days later the leaves had shrunk, and turned from a vibrant yellow to a softer yellow/brown color. Now I suppose they are still beautiful. But they are dead, and so…so fragile. They still hold some image of when I saw them bathing in the sun, but they had changed and were different. Their stems are like dry pine needles, that would break with the slightest effort, and their bodies have curled up worn and withered.

When I noticed the drastic change my first thought was they have been cut off from their life source! Without the tree, the source of their life, they hold an image, but not the one they proudly displayed days ago. They are fragile and weary. Friends, this is what we have turned into! When I remember my God after days apart from him, I realize how tired and devastated I am away from him. We can hold our image, his image that we are made in, but it is fragile like glass and dim, getting darker. We must get back to show off all our colors that we were created to beam with! We need God in his mighty power and love to give us continual nutrients, because apart from him we are dead.

Perhaps fall is my favorite season after all.


Even in my doubt and my longing for an answer from him. I know the truth.


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